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Integration Manager Minimize
GBS representative that works directly with our clients to plan, coordinate and execute the migration of existing applications/procedures into a software suite of tools that will enable the client to meet goals of productivity and efficiency.
  • Meet regularly with Client Integration Lead to discuss status of project(s)
  • Meet with Client personnel in various departments to document process and procedures
  • Identify areas for enhancements and efficiencies and report to Integration Lead
  • Define requirements for application development efforts
  • Work with GBS developers to communicate requirements and ensure development progresses
  • Meet with Client personnel to define Crystal Report needs on a regular basis
  • Create Reports as needed
  • Review STS (and other application) data for data integrity
  • Work with Integration Lead to correct any identified data integrity issues
Integration Manager would work with Integration Lead to achieve client's long term goal of having integrated software suites.  These suites would enable client personnel to efficiently gather, manage and disseminate student/corporate data.  STS would be used as a pilot project to prove this approach of Client and GBS working together to achieve these long term goals.  Upon successful completion of the pilot effort, the Integration Manager would begin working other joint projects with the Integration Lead.

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